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Fall Back in Love with your Home

Many of us reach a point where we begin to feel a little blah about our home, but moving is not always an option. Here are some tips on how you can get a “new” home without the moving truck.

Little changes can have a big impact
Painting walls, changing light fixtures and knobs, and adding curtains and plants can give your home a completely different look for only a few hundred dollars. Rearranging furniture, artwork, and knick-knacks can also freshen things up, and the only cost is a little time.

Converting an unfinished attic or basement can be a great way to get extra space at a fraction of the cost of building an addition. Adding a deck is another fairly simple way to increase your space. If you are hiring a contractor, be sure to get quotes from at least three and check their references.

Make the most of what you have
If expanding is not an option, you can still make your space seem bigger. Clean and throw away, donate, or sell anything you don’t need. If you have a little cash to spare, you can buy organizational tools, like shelves and hooks, and furniture that provides extra storage space, such as a coffee table or bed with drawers.

Need some extra funds to get started on one of the above projects?
Connect with a Loan Specialist and ask about our “Celebrate Summer” 12-12-12 Loan or if it’s a bigger project, a home equity could be an option – (800) 452-0915 option 2 | loans@usacu.org

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12-12-12 Loan

Just in time for the holidays!

$1,200 at 12.00% APR* for 12-months

Just in time for the holidays, we’re offering our 12-12-12 Loan again this season. We hope it will help to ease the holiday financial stress and provide some cheer along the way.

  • Apply in just few minutes, in a few simple steps. (Hint: you want to select “Signature” under “Personal Loans” when applying).
  • A member of the Lending Services team will connect with you to get some documentation such as proof on income, but no credit pull is required.
  • Upon approval, you will get $1,200 to use for holiday expenses, last minute purchases, or perhaps a mini-vacation. The rate is 12.00% APR* with a 12-month term. So, by the time you pay it off in small monthly payment of around $105, the holidays will be here again! Piece of cake.

loans@usacu.org | (503) 275-0300 or (800) 452-0915, option 2.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. For established memberships (over 90 days old) there is no credit pull, although proof of income and other terms/conditions are required. For New members, a credit pull in addition to proof of income will be required. Only one 12-12-12 loan is allowed at a time, so in order to qualify for a new one, the old loan must be paid off. 12-12-12 Loans are available beginning November 18th through January 31st. Connect with Lending Services for details.